Aubrey Parsons

Director & Bookings Coordinator

Aubrey has over 30 years experience as a singer working with bands, duos and as a solo entertainer. 
He also spent a number of years working within the music retail industry as an Artist Liaison Manager with both Roland (UK) Ltd and later M-Audio. He traveled all over the world with some very well known bands as both a Liaison Manager and a performer. Buy him a drink and he'll tell you a few stories about those days!


Tony Chapman.jpg

Tony Chapman

Director & Evil Mastermind

Tony has over 30 years experience as a DJ, guitarist and singer. He formed Digital Discos (a DJ agency) over 20 years ago and has supplied almost every venue across South Wales during that time. Tony set up Nailed It Events Ltd. with Aubrey Parsons in April 2016


Mike Chapman 2.jpg

Mike Chapman

Social Media & Digital Marketing Coordinator & Accounts

Trained as a Graphic Designer, Mike has also over 10 years experience as a DJ, additionally Mike worked at local music store P.M.T. in Cardiff as a DJ/High Tech Specialist. He also trained and worked with S.A.Brain Ltd. as a social media editor.
Mike is a keen musician with the Bass Guitar being his weapon of choice!
Mike Joined Nailed It Events in 2016.