Web Launch & Awesome Promo Video Offer

To celebrate the launch of our new website ,we have an absolutely brilliant offer for ALL of our Nailed It Events artists!

Santori Films are offering a wonderful video promotion package for a brilliant price. Nailed It Events are not making any money from this promotion, however it has been proved time and time again that the acts with decent video promos get the most work. You can be the best acts in the world, but first impressions last, especially if someone is considering booking you just from looking at you on a web site. So for the cost of a few gigs, you can get a brilliant video promo which we will be happy to share on our website. Don't delay, read the offer below and get filming!


Santori Films
Music Video Promotion

We are offering a special deal to Nailed It artists.
A promotional music video filmed and edited for £350.

(This would usually be £500)
+ Free high quality Photograph

This deal is exclusive to Nailed it registered artists and must be

booked before
July 6th 2018

The Video will be 2-4 minutes in length. It can be 1 song or a

montage of up to 6 songs.

A more complicated music video for an original song can also

be discussed.

Photographs can be taken after the recording session. Great for

use on websites or posters.

The deal does not include audio recording or venue (see below)


contact: santorifilms@gmail.com

This does not include the audio recording.
Which can be handled in these ways.

1. Professional audio recording at Oakwood Church Studios
or at a venue of your choice. £150 for solo artists &
duos £200 for bands (instruments individually mic’d and
mixed) www.oakwoodchurchstudios.co.uk
2. You can supply your own recording, or arrange for audio

to be recorded during the filming session.
3. I can record audio during the filming session for you for
no extra charge. This will be not as good as a professional


The deal does not include the cost of a venue.
Which can be handled in these ways

1. Filming can be done at Oakwood Church Recording
Studios. No extra cost, just the charge of the audio recording.
2. You can arrange for a venue that you feel is suitable for

your performance.

3. Filming can be done at an actual gig, however quality
cannot be guaranteed, as camera placement, lighting and

sound may not be controlled

Please contact: Simon santorifilms@gmail.com