Glas - Blue - Album Review

We are very lucky to have one of the hardest working blues bands in the country on our books. They have just released their brilliant new album 'Glas Blue' and we have kindly been given permission to publish this review from

There are certain bands that are destined never to be cool, never to appear at SWN and never feature on the critic’s end of year lists of bands to watch. Yet despite this they manage to build a healthy national following, respect amongst their peers and gig extensively throughout the UK. Glas are one such band and “Blue”, their sophomore album, is an excellent example of 21st century blues and demonstrates how a traditional genre can remain relevant and popular.

This is a step up from their debut with 11 original songs and some truly excellent playing throughout. David John has composed all the material and provides some excellent vocals. Also noteworthy is the guitar playing of James Oliver; fine work indeed with occasional echoes of Hendrix and all the while he is gradually developing his own particular style and sound. There is some decidedly tasty harmonica from special guest Jason Ricci who has played alongside the likes of Johnny Winter and Walter Trout and his presence demonstrates just how highly regarded Glas are within the blues world. Stand out tracks include “You Make Me Mad” where the guitar/harmonic interplay is just sublime and the jaunty floor filling “Blackwood Boogie”. ‘Blue’ is a fine of album full of superb musicianship and should see Glas cement their position as one of the best Blues bands in the UK.

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Posted by Francis on Apr 3, 2018 in CD Reviews